How do I connect my turntable to my Marantz receiver

Plugging a vinyl turntable to an Audio/Video receiver is not a challenge. A key condition for implementing – is a phono stage. Consider a connection with the example of receivers from the Marantz company, due to the presence of a phono preamp in the most models of all the product lines on the audio market, which makes almost every model from Marantz one of the best receiver for turntable.

A phono stage is a sound converter. This device restores an original spectrum of the sound signal recorded on the vinyl and amplifies the output voltage of the pickup head to a typical level of linear output. There are 2 types of phono stages, depending on the pickup head. These are a MM (highly sensitive moving magnet head) and a MC (low sensitivity moving coil head). MM is a more common type of head installed in most turners. MC heads are already installed in more expensive models. Phono amplifiers with switches MM / MS are also found.

So, let`s consider three variants for combining a vinyl player and AV receiver into one audio system.

The phono stage is in the receiver

If the turntable doesn’t have an own phono amplifier, then all that you need to do is link the audio output of the player to the required input of your receiver. For receivers by Marantz, the phono input is allocated separately from the other analog connectors. Also definitely worth connecting the turntable grounding. Under the phono input, there is a metal terminal named “GND” for grounding. Plug the ground conductor of your vinyl player to this terminal. This helps prevent any unwanted buzz or noise coming during the operation of your player on an audio system.

The phono stage is in the turntable

If the receiver doesn’t have the built-in phono preamp, which, for example, happens in Marantz budget product lines. In this case, you should connect the vinyl player’s audio output to one of the analog audio inputs on the back of your receiver. And also connect the ground.

Phono stage as a separate component

If the vinyl player and the receiver don`t have the built-in phono amplifier, you must use an external unit. First, you should plug the player’s audio output cable to an external phono stage. Be sure to connect the player’s ground conductor to the ground terminal on the phono preamp. Then connect the phono stage audio output to analog audio inputs at the receiver. In the end, connect the phono amplifier to its power supply.

In case when the turntable and receiver have a built-in phono preamp, be sure to connect the player to one of the “Line In”, (or auxiliary “AUX”) inputs of your AV receiver, but in no case to the “Phono” input.

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