How long do gaming laptops last? Will the gaming continue forever?

Times have changed from when a new technology has to take a few years or decades to be outdated but now a new model laptop goes out of date within months. As it goes out of date so does its lifetime. Various factors influence gaming laptop lifespan.

Things to know before stepping into the retailers

These gaming laptops with their high profile standards and heavy hardware are pretty expensive. Hence investing in one has got to have a lot of research. Gaming laptops are one beast of machinery. They have big turbo cooling fans to cool the heavy processors. And also supports that are heavy duty parts to facilitate the gaming experience.

With all these coming together one beast of an invention is formed. However, the common question is how long these gaming laptops last do.

As said above these, gaming laptops last for around five to six years. Since they are indulged into heavy work and longtime usage they are not likely to last more than 3 years. However, if they are maintained well they can meet up to their given gaming laptop lifespan.

how long should a laptop last

The extra and minimal:

Even though they are designed for heavy gaming, they can also be used for common purposes. Gaming laptops last for more time when used as a normal one. But still what is the use. However, a common misconception is that gaming laptops last longer only when they are put to good use. Any machinery will fade and wear out with usage and so is the gaming laptop lifespan.

There is a question of whether gaming laptops can be used for normal work. The answer is yes. But think about it buying a gaming laptop lifespan lesser than the normal one is not satisfying. It’s like buying a sports car to drive it to market.

So how long should a laptop last?

Well, a normal laptop has less usage and adequate components without heavy duty or heavy machinery hence the answer to the question of how long should a laptop last is ten years maximum.

The difference is that gaming laptop lifespan is less because of its low battery life. It discharges quickly and has very inadequate battery power whereas normal laptops have better battery life.

How to keep them nearly forever:

The next question that arises among the users attached to their laptops is that how to increase gaming laptop lifespan. Can it be increased yes, it can:

  • Firstly avoid using it for continuous hours exceeding 3.
  • Keeping the components clean may also add to the gaming laptop lifespan.
  • Secondly, maintain optimal brightness level to increase gaming laptop lifespan.
  • Turn off any extra running apps or windows in the background. This will save the battery life and reduce the heavy work thereby increasing gaming laptop lifespan.
  • Don’t opt for power demanding games when not connected to the charger.
  • Turn off any connectivity like wifi or internet to avoid heating of the laptop.

Following these will definitely increase the gaming laptop lifespan.

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