Ultra wide monitor – the extra-wide virtual environment

There are so many advancements made in the technological field nowadays. It is a continuing process that is highly unstable and keeps changing with new inventions. Hence there are many new ideas and new advancements with every electronic gadget in the market. One such electronic gadget is the gaming monitor. It has reached such great heights in invention during the past decade. And a notable advancement is the ultrawide monitor.

There was a time when games were only played using the tv. It has changed in such a great way that a whole new branch of study and whole new gadgets have arrived just for gaming itself.

The ultra-wide monitor is used for gaming purposes to facilitate larger visibility area and better virtual gaming experience. But whatever it is are ultrawide monitors worth it. Are they really necessary for gaming on an ultra wide monitor? Let’s find out.

All the facets of the ultrawide monitor:

The ultra-wide monitor designed for gaming with a dashing resolution of 3440×1440 pixels. It is an unimaginable pixel count. It makes the gaming experience surreal. Also, the ultrawide screen gives the gamer the experience of being in the game itself. Getting an ultrawide monitor requires some money yet the experience is bang on.

The basic refresh rate of the ultrawide monitors with these face blushing pixel range is 144hz. A small backdrop will be the price range and the enormous power this monitor is going to consume. Due to its tremendous capacity and heavy gaming equipment, it has the need for consuming some extra voltages. And may require the buyers to turn off all other appliances while using this monsterous setup. Moreover, this may bring second thoughts like, are ultrawide monitors worth it. However, gaming on the ultra-wide monitor is a different experience.

The solace of gaming on the ultra-wide monitor:

Had to admit that the experience and the virtual enjoyment of gaming on ultra wide monitor are irreplaceable. It gives the gamers goosebumps feeling to see the ultra-realistic environment on screen. Gamers can experience other benefits of opening multiple windows simultaneously. It can be used in multiplayer modes and each player gets their own environment on the screen. That is two gamers can play one multiplayer match simultaneously on the same screen. Now that’s a plus. Because one player need not wait for his turn thill the other finishes.

This spectacular design also enables the buyer to use an ultrawide monitor for everyday work. Be it a web browsing or multitasking session. Anyone can use an ultrawide monitor for everyday work.

ultrawide monitor for everyday work

Pitfalls of getting an ultrawide monitor:

One major drawback will power consumption. The refresh rate of 3440×1440 pixels is 144 Hz which is more power consuming. The other one is the cost. Are ultrawide monitors worth it then Nah they are expensive while adequate and good gaming interface is available this is simply a luxury.

Even though the experience and the benefit of multitasking are good for gaming on the ultra-wide monitor it is really an overwhelming one. But for those who opt this setup kudos for the future amazing experiences.

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